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Crowded is a smart, technologically advanced platform that makes hiring as simple as uploading a job description and then reaching out to our top candidates, matched and ranked to fit your requirement. We use a waterfall of candidate sources and data partners to ensure that you won’t miss out on that perfect hire simply because they weren’t on a particular job board or resume repository. Why pay for outside staffing agencies or headhunters who charge 20-30% of first year salary, when you can return results with Crowded for a fraction of the time and cost? We leverage internal and external databases to source top talent that meet your job requirements, automating the search and sort process. Start with an open position and end with a curated slate of top talent at your fingertips in minutes. We founded Crowded after listening to countless HR staff and Executives alike bemoan the lack of a simple, inexpensive solution that would empower their HR teams to make fantastic hires without any additional hassles. The Crowded Platform can help you start making great hires today, so you can get back to running your business.

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