7 Different Types of Freelance Writing

Looking to start a job in freelance writing? Well, there several different types of freelance writing you need to know before you start your journey.

When you’re starting out as a freelance writer, one of the challenges you’ll face is understanding the different types of freelance writing and settling with one. You’ll probably struggle in the early days, confused, wondering, and doubting if you’ll ever make it as a freelance writer.

It’s OK at this stage to seek advice. But, if you ask senior freelance writers or check online, one of the most common advice you’ll get is to pick a niche.

While it’s true that you need to pick a niche, you need to do something before that.

Consider it from the perspective of how you choose a cap for your outings.

Most times, there’s a reason you pick the particular cap you wore. Sometimes, it’s because the cap matches your outfit.

Sometimes, it’s because the cap depicts your personality, while at some other times, it’s primarily to protect yourself from the weather. Therefore, you choose a hat that can do that for you regardless of other factors.

The same goes for freelance writing. It would be best if you chose a type of freelance writing.

But there are several types of writing you can do and get paid. However, it would help if you had a tangible reason to choose.

Just as you’ll pick a cap because it fits you, you also need to choose the type of freelance writing to do based on what interests you, what’s familiar to you, or based on the skills you possess.

In other words, the thing you need to do, as mentioned earlier, is to identify the types of freelance writing that you want to do or the type of writing that best suits your personality and existing skills. But, you need to know the different kinds of writing and understand what each one means and entails.

That’s what this guide seeks to do for you. Especially when you are looking to build your book of business online or remotely with a freelance website.

7 Major Types of Freelance Writing

There are several opportunities available to freelance writers today in terms of the types of writing.

While the list seems to be inexhaustible, there is no denying that an overlap does exist. However, listed below is a list of the major types of freelance writing.

These spawned many of the other types of writing available today. Understanding any of these major types of writing will mean that you have an insight into more than one of the different kinds of writing.

Here are 7 of the major types of freelance writing;

Content Writing

The term “content writing” is the most generic of all writing titles out there. It is the most common type of freelance writing and involves using words to convey a message or information while creating content generally for the internet.

It can include personal essays, blog posts, journalistic feature articles, Op-Ed pieces, and social media posts.

The goal of content writing and a copywriter is to promote, educated, inform, or entertain a target audience with engaging copy.

For a website and publication not intended to sell a service, the content writer’s goal is to entertain, while for companies seeking to sell a service, the content writer’s goal is to build authority and reputation while instilling trust.

If you like to share your knowledge with others, a natural entertainer or teacher, content writing might be a good freelance writing opportunity for you.


Copywriting and content writing share many complementary points, but they are different in terms of the goals each one seeks to achieve.

While a content writer’s goal is to inform or entertain, a copywriter’s goal is to persuade the member of an audience to take a specific action, mostly for the sales of product or service.

Email sequence, product descriptions, buyer guides, product reviews, sales pages, gift guides, case studies, website copy, etc. are some of the niches in copywriting.

If people ever told you how you could sell a pen on the moon or have experience in any sales, copywriting might be the right freelance opportunity. If you’re also good at telling stories that lead to sales, good at researching products, then copywriting might be just for you.

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Technical writing

You might be good at technical writing if you have a background in a specialized or professional field such as computer science, engineering, medicine, etc.

Technical writers write manuals, evaluation reports, and standard of operations (SOP) with other experts in the same field as the target audience.

Business plans, instructional or training contents, legal briefs, curriculum, and grant proposal writing are also captured under technical writing.

If you write formally, good at organizing contents, data or information, and workflow, consider becoming a technical writer. If you’ve ever been told that you know how to explain complex subjects in an easy-to-understand way, then choose technical writing.

If you write technical pieces, ensure you use an hourly rate calculator to ensure you are charging appropriately relative to your time.

The last thing you’ll want is to do hours of research and not get compensated appropriately.

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Traditional journalism is another type of traditional writing. Journalistic writing focuses on the writing of featured articles and sometimes investigative reports about events and topics.

Often, journalistic articles are more comprehensive because of the nature of the profession, and they usually come with tight deadlines.

This type of writing focuses on presenting verified facts with the first-person interview, authority sources, statistics, and other sources. Journalistic writing requires attention to detail, research, and unearth sources to check for the articles’ accuracy.

Therefore, if you possess these qualities, consider delving into this field.

If you love to uncover mysteries and don’t mind putting in the required extra effort to reveal the truth and get down facts, then consider journalism.

It’s a type of freelancing writing that requires some experience to get clients, but once you’ve nailed down your reputation it’s pretty easy to find work.

Fiction Writing

Fiction writing is creating a fictionalized storyline by a fiction writer, usually referred to as the author. Fiction writers sometimes ghostwrite the information, and you can choose to do the same, meaning that you won’t list your name as the author of the work.

Flash fiction, short fiction, novella, novel, etc. are some niche of fiction writing you can check out. The work of fiction can either be commercial or literary with romance, horror, mystery, etc. being the different friction storytelling genres.

You need to be creative and imaginative to embark on this type of writing.

If you are good at telling attention-grabbing stories that keep readers read from the first to last page without getting tired, you might be good at fiction writing.

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Resume Writing

This type of writing is not very common because it involves helping people with high-quality resume.

People who need a resume but find it challenging to come up with one constructively will often hire a freelance resume writer’s service to produce high-quality resume content for them.

Because the skill and service aren’t prevalent, it is a lucrative writing area depending on the number of clients you serve and your skill level.

If you know different careers and jobs, if you understand how to brandish a housewife to a domestic engineer, consider resume writing.

If family and friends come to you for help with their resume or you’ve successfully helped two or more people to apply for a job, resume writing might be just the type of freelance writing you need.

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Greeting Cards Writing

Can you carefully craft beautiful words?

The kind of word used on special events, holiday seasons, and everyday life occasions, then becoming a greeting card writer is a good freelance writing opportunity for you.

Companies and individuals will pay you to write greeting cards. There are also blog owners whose blogs are strictly for special event greetings but might be too busy to write their content.

Such bloggers look for freelance greeting writers to hire.

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There you have it. Consider each of the freelance writing options and choose according to your interest and personality. You should also spend quality time researching the type of freelance writing you choose and try it out.

Once you know the type of freelance writing that best suits you, the next important step, choosing a niche, become relatively easy.

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