8 Best Freelance Websites for Lawyers

With the legal industry growing, so does the way modern lawyers are employing their practice. Venturing beyond the traditional law firm model and going freelance is the best choice for many of today’s modern attorneys. If you’re interested in ditching your 9 to 5 in pursuit of being your own boss, here are the best […]

8 Expert Witness Jobs to Consider

You must’ve seen experts testifying for factual evidence in court, but did you know you could become an expert witness in your respective field? Here’s my list of expert witness jobs where you can choose one that fits your skillset.

Top 7 Freelance Writer Personal Websites To Get Inspired

Looking for freelance writer personal websites? If you’re a writer in today’s modern age, having an online portfolio is absolutely essential for long-term success. But exactly what type of website do you need? With the wealth of options online, selecting the best portfolio provider can be overwhelming.