8 Easy Freelance Jobs for Beginners

Do you want to make some extra cash in a side hustle? Here are some easy freelance jobs if you are just starting with freelancing.

Back in 2019, freelancers from the US alone earned up to $1 trillion.

Imagine millions of people sitting at home, making more money than most workers make while doing a nine-to-fiver.

Do you want to get started with this life and build a freelance career?

Lucky for you, there are some easy freelance jobs that beginners can do without much prior training or knowledge. You merely need to brush up on some basic skills or learn a new – and very easy – one for these jobs.

Easiest Freelance Jobs That Make Money

Let’s discuss some freelance jobs for beginners that you can start doing today.

Freelance Writer

Everyone can write – at least, to some extent. Most freelancers start with writing, and the niche is one of the most populated in the freelancing market.

You can write anything from an article like this to a news story for a local paper.

For freelance writing jobs, you don’t really need an exceptional talent or degree. Sure enough, you must know how to string sensible sentences together and be able to engage your audience.

Fiverr homepage

Depending on your interests and writing level, you’ll find a gig on Fiverr or Freelancer.

For starters, you may get paid anywhere around $10 to $15 for an article. You can increase your hourly rates or take up assignment-based projects once your profile grows.

Freelancer Homepage

Some senior writers charge up to $150 for a 1000-word article.

How to Start:

To start your career as a freelance writer, you must have a portfolio.

It doesn’t have to be a Bronte masterpiece, but you should at least have a few articles to show your skill to the potential clients.

Start by making a personal blog and writing articles on your preferred niche or topic.

Do your research and curate well-written articles. Then, set up your profile on any of the best freelance sites for beginners and start pitching to clients.

If you still don’t know where to start or need a boost, take a free online freelance writing course to get a sense of direction.

Online Surveys

Filling online surveys is among the easiest freelance jobs since it does not require any skill. All you need for the job is a reliable Internet connection.

However, surveys are a low-paid job, and you’ll get $1 to $2 for filling out a single survey. Typically, it takes a few minutes to fill a survey, but you’ll only be allowed to fill a certain number every day.

Online jobs

Keeping this in mind, we’d say online surveys are not a replacement for your current job. Instead, you can use these gigs to earn some extra coffee or gas money.

For this type of job, you can avoid freelance job sites and solely stick to online survey platforms.

How to Start:

Sign up for a survey site and set up your account. Then, simply start completing surveys. If you want to make the most out of this job, make sure you reach your daily limit.

Some websites only let you withdraw money once you’ve reached a certain amount. For instance, you can only cash out money from Survey Junkie once you’ve earned $10.

Video Captioning

The number of easy freelance jobs has risen significantly in the past few years, thanks to the ever-growing digital community. Today, we have thousands of YouTube videos to be captioned which has translated in a ton of job postings of people looking to hire freelancers.

In this job, you have to write captions for the audio on the screen. Although sounding easy, this work is a bit tricky. Along with writing the captions, you also have to ensure that they are in sync with the video.

Depending on which platform you work on, you’ll get anything from $0.40 to $0.50 per minute of video captioning.

The amount may be higher if you’re captioning important videos like documentaries or commercials.

It might not seem like a lot but let’s do some math here. If you work 10 hours a week, you’ll earn anything from $250 to $300. That makes over a thousand dollars per month.

Of course, it won’t pay the bills, but it can definitely help.

How to Start:

Since you don’t need a skill, you can get started with video captioning today.

Sign up on a freelancing site that offers video captioning work. A reliable website in this regard is Rev.

Rev logo
Rev.com logo

For most websites, you’ll have to pass a captioning test before you’re allowed to work on the platform.

Once you do that, find clients, and make bank.

Freelance Editor

Like writing, freelance editing is also considered one of the easiest freelance jobs for beginners. It’s a broad category that includes everything from editing blog posts to e-books.

If you have a particular interest or educational background, you may stick to a specific niche.

For example, if you’ve studied literature or history in college, you can take up editing work for research papers and books in those categories.

As a beginner, you can set your rates by judging the market on the platform that you’re working on.

However, if you’re confused, use the freelance rate calculator to determine the amount you should charge your clients. Even as a novice, you can earn a few hundred bucks for editing a book.

How to Start:

You can either start by working as a freelance writer and then branching out to editing or directly start as an editor. Learn sentence structure, word order, and word choice by reading regularly. You can take short editing courses online to hone your skills.

Upwork logo

Once you’re prepared, start looking for clients on Upwork or Indeed, as you’ll find long-term contracts here.

You can also contact your local publishing houses, libraries, and newsrooms to look for work.

Initially, work may be slow because people want experienced editors to check their important writings. However, if you stay persistent, gigs will pour in quickly.

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Teach a Language

If you’re multilingual, or at least bilingual, you have a shot at an easy freelance job.

Being a native speaker, you can teach English to foreigners online. Alternatively, if you’re fluent in in-demand languages like French and Spanish, you can earn money teaching them to locals.

Depending on your student and language, you can conveniently earn up to $30 per hour.

Since English is a common language, the market is already saturated with English teachers. If you know another language, it will help you stand out.

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How to Start:

First off, you must be fluent in a specific language. No, you can’t teach Spanish to people online just because you took an extra Spanish language course in your senior year.

If you don’t know another language, stick to English. Then, sign up for a language teaching website, pass the test, and find students.

You can also look for people around you who may want to learn the language you’re interested in teaching. For example, someone in your school might be going on an exchange program to France and want someone to teach them basic French.

Similarly, you can go to mixed communities in your locality and find people who may want to polish their spoken English.

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Again, if you know different languages but are not comfortable teaching, you can work as a translator. Your job will include translating various documents, including articles, instructions manuals, and scripts, etc.

Since the translation industry is bigger than ever, it’s easy to get a headstart. You can earn anything between $20 and $30 for an hour of translation.

However, if you’re experienced or have to translate an important document with professional jargon, you’ll be paid higher.

How to Start:

To start your journey as a translator, you must be fluent in two or more languages. After that, take a course to learn how you can make your career as a translator.

If you have a degree in a specific subject, it can help you land high-paying translation jobs.

For example, if you’ve studied law or business, you can translate legal or organizational documents for multinational companies.

Along with paying you more, they also hire you on a long-term basis. Thus, you have job security as a freelancer, even to people who want to know how to be a freelance illustrator. If you’d rather do gig-based work, find translating jobs on freelance sites like WriterAcess or Guru.

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Retail Arbitrage

If you love shopping or have a knack for finding quality pieces at nominal prices, this is the best freelance job for you. Admittedly, it’s not exactly online since you’ll have to visit stores, but all your business operations will be on a website or social media page.

Since the clothes and accessories will be your finds, you can price them however you want.

In this particular job, you’re working for customers rather than clients.

How to Start:

Visit thrift stores or vintage shops near you. They always have good stuff in stock, including limited edition pieces that people are ready to pay a lot for.

If you have an eye for statement stuff like brand logo T-shirts or concert merch from three decades ago, you’ll earn enough from this job to pay for basic necessities.

Set up an account on resale sites like Depop to find customers easily. Make sure you take nice pictures of the items and write the size, conditions, and brand in the description.

Alternatively, if you have a large social media following, you can set up a shop on Instagram and start selling there.

On your personal site or social media page, you can keep all the earnings for yourself.

In contrast, Depop and other resale sites will charge you a certain fee on each sale or take a fraction of your earnings.

PPC Marketing

It sounds fancy and complicated, but PPC marketing is among the easy freelance jobs that beginners can earn from.

You see ads pop up while you’re looking through your friends’ Instagram stories, right?

Well, someone needs to create and manage them.

If you know how to make and work with spreadsheets, you can earn up to $25 an hour in this field.

However, if you want to earn more, take an online course to learn PPC marketing.

Currently, there’s a shortage of people skilled in the task, and the competition is low, so employers are willing to pay a higher amount.

How to Start:

The first step is to learn PPC marketing by watching video tutorials or taking a course. Then, reach out to local businesses to get some experience.

Once you’ve got a decent portfolio, apply for higher-paying projects.

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Freelance Virtual Assistant

According to “The Week,” virtual-assistant technology is now available to millions of Internet users across the world.

More than 1,000 of this material may be found through UpWork Guru, while another 45,000 can be found on Freelancing and over 5,015 on People per day.

Assistants are excellent for those who need administrative help but also want to make some money online. This is frequently connected with occupations that take place at home.

As a result, the firm looks for free professionals in desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint instead.

How can I start freelancing without experience?

Freelance work without experience is not impossible if you do your homework. Read job listings carefully and think about what you can offer that will set you apart from other applicants.

Check out these sites for freelancing jobs:

  • Freelancer.com,   67,342+ jobs
  • Linkedin’s “Jobs” board,  4363+ jobs
  • Upwork.com,  1 million+ online jobs

You can always find freelance opportunities on social media channels as well by uploading a professional profile picture with the skillsets highlighted to convey professionalism or following relevant pages to tap into potential leads or projects.

How much money can a freelancer make?

Your freelance earnings depend on how effectively a professional sell their work.

Low-level clients are frequently the source of earnings for inexperienced freelancers with no marketing experience. The pay of similar skilled freelancers in this field varies by location.

This can only be seen by competent freelancers. Salaries differ considerably, therefore I have outlined a summary of pay below. This is the typical BASE compensation.

On average, an entry-level virtual assistant can start from $10 per hour to a senior in this area of work at around $20 per hour.

However, it’s possible for virtual assistants to make more money than that as they build their freelance careers.

Final Words

If you weren’t previously thinking of joining the freelance market, start considering it now.

According to experts, by 2030, 80% of the global workforce could comprise freelancers. You don’t want to miss out, do you?

In this guide, we’ve discussed easy freelance jobs for beginners that you can start with little to no skills.

Plus, we’ve mentioned the best freelance sites for beginners to land clients and kickstart their careers.

With this information and guidance, you’re all set to earn some extra cash for your shopping sprees or paying utilities.

Get started today!


What is the easiest freelance job?

Translation is the easiest freelance job that also pays that best if you know multiple languages.

Translation work entails being paid to translate documents from one language into another.

Multi-national companies are always looking for qualified people who are good at languages, have strong writing skills, and can offer knowledge about their industry to be able to fill these positions. Translation jobs are usually long-term contracts that include attractive wages plus benefits which is what makes this type of freelance job so appealing to graduates.

Can a beginner do freelancing?

Yes, easily. All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection – that’s it. From there, you can find a paid freelance job by searching on a variety of freelance platforms.

How can I get a freelance job with no experience?

Before you set out to find a freelance job with no experience, explore the different types of work you might be able to do. If this is your first time freelancing and you don’t have any samples or familiarity with industry standards, it’s best not to start at the top of the field.

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