11 Best Freelance Books to Learn Independent Gig Work

Did you know that the latest statistics from 2021 show that over 59 workers have freelanced in the US alone in the last year? That translates to a whopping 36 percent of the entire workforce! Now, some of these independent gig workers are already skillfully riding the emerging gig model. Riding like a big, beautiful, […]

How to Price Yourself as a Freelancer

Nearly 75% of the freelancers say they would not trade their freelancer job for a nine-to-five. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? While freelancing is better in more ways than one for many people, it can become challenging if you don’t know how to price yourself as a freelancer.

6 Best Airbnb Freelance Jobs to Consider

You don’t have to own a home to earn from Airbnb. With the rapid growth of the online platform, there are several Airbnb freelance jobs that can help you earn a good amount. Check this list to learn more.